One-click Installation

Foolproof and seamless process for both non-technical users and system administrators.

Sneak peek of the one-click installation application

My role
prototype, usability testing, graphic design

Kentico CMS

Content management system empowering more than 28,000 websites worldwide. Within 18 we increased System Usability Scale (SUS) score from 60 to 73.


Installation of the Kentico CMS was not easy even for system administrators, so potential evaluators from marketing department were not able to finish the process at all.


Both scenarios - quick installation for marketers and custom installation for developers, were covered in one prototype. Two iterations of usability testing were held with both user roles.

The Prototype of the installation application

Visual Design

Simple component library, grid, typography, and interaction definitions were part of the specification for the developers.

The visual styleguide for the installation application

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