Brand identity, visual language of AI software testing application and its pitch deck presentation.

Sneak peek of the Tesabot UI and the mood of the presentation.

My role
brand values and logotype, application UI and CSS/HTML, website content outline, website design and CSS/HTML, pitch deck outline and its design



Startup deals with AI software testing and after evaluation of the idea, couple of weeks of development and angel investments, it was ready for the next phase. The application almost did not have any UI or presentation apart the name Tesabot.


The goal was to establish the identity and define UI of the application in order to start with an early adopters program as soon as possible. Moreover, the next rounds of investment were ahead and the promoting materials looked unprofessionally.


At first we discussed with the founders the values of the service and their beliefs. It helped us to clarify some questions and define the foundations of the brand.

Brand Strategy and Vision

Tesabot acts as a brand archetype Ruler and the main claim is AI reinvented software testing. The long-term vision is that not only testing might be covered by artificial intelligence in the future of software development.


Artificial hand as a symbol of perfection in AI and an overlap between robots and human beings. The symbol also represents letter B in the name and it might be used as a logotype shortcut separately.

Tesabot logotype.

Application UI

Since the founders are former testers, they know the target audience very closely and we have decided for the a lean approach. We oganized two workshops about user stories, prioritized them and together we brainstormed design solutions. Before I sketched the visual appeal of basic UI elements in Photoshop, we ran two iterations of low-fidelity prototypes in Balsamiq. Then I translated them into HTML/CSS template, the developers added advanced logic and currently we test the UI with early adopters.

Tesabot UI.


Aligned with the brand strategy we created the story of an unhappy tester who has always plenty of broken tests. Now with the help of an army of smart AI testers, that can deal with UI changes easily, the tester has extra testing hours with minimal maintenance.

Pitch Deck

The current version is specific for the serie A investors. It contains competitor analysis, market research, roadmap of the product and estimated market delivery. The content outline is designed for a short 10-15 minutes speech. According to preliminary feedback, more information about marketing strategy need to be added.

Tesabot pitch deck screenshot.

Marketing Website

The third version of the website (2016) is visually consistent with the pitch presentation, but the content is focused on product insight and tries to be self-explanatory. The secondary goal of the site is to collect emails of potential early adopters who come across by accident. Google Analytics and Hotjar are implemented.

Tesabot website screenshot.

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