UXWell Brand

Name and logotype for Czech UX community where members share their experience.

UXWell logotype.

My role
community principles and internal/external values discussions facilitator, naming workshops facilitator, logotype and visual guidelines



Next generation of Czech UX community around newly established UX Academy (rebranded to UXWell), where professionals meet and share knowledge with the new potential designers, researchers, or product owners, needs a strong brand.

Brand Name

The initial name UX Academy did not reflect intention and motivation of new educational community. Learning process, knowledge sharing and communication are performed by modern and less-known methodologies, therefore, a link to a traditional academic system was not appropriate.

Community Principles

Time spent with Why? How? and What? questions helped founders to clearly define the principles of community.

Internal/External Values

The principles were transferred into a communication guide for members, which also shapes language used with non-members.


To help with a consistency in the communication, to understand and to work with a brand personality (principles and values), the Sage was set as an archetypal role model.

Naming Workshop

Based on all the inputs, with the founders we created a longlist and then a shortlist of possible options. The shortlist was evaluated with members and potential members of the comunity.

Naming workshop at Berka's house.

Naming workshop at Berka's house.


Based on agreed limitations, e.g. subbrand needs, aesthetic qualities, yes/no existing examples, a few ideas reflecting the principles and values were sketched and evaluated internally.

Logotype sketches.


Winning Idea

The most basic design process may be seen as the squiggle, which captures the essential quality of a project that moves from a state of messy questions to a state of polished answers (source). And any learning process is the same. You are always moving, getting closer to the clarity.

Logotype sketches.

UX process as a squiggle drawn by Damien Newman of IDEO.


UXWell logotype variants. Primary, secondary, black&white and shortcut.

Primary, secondary, black&white and shortcut variant.

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